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Stunning Robert the Bruce on Horseback Large Figurine
Cast in resin
Height: 30cm

Robert the Bruce With Sword  Large Figurine
Cast in resin
Height: 18cm

Only £39.99
Inc UK Postage

Only £17.99
Inc UK Postage

The-Bruce-sword3.jpg The-Bruce-sword4.jpg The-Bruce-sword5.jpg The-Bruce-swordboxed.jpg Mug-base.jpg mug-design1.jpg mug-design1-1.jpg mug-design1-2.jpg mug-design1-3.jpg mug-design2.jpg

Robert the Bruce Collection
“Declaration of Arbroath”
Bone China Mugs

Design 1

Design 2

Bruce-plaque1.jpg Bruce-plaque3.jpg

Declaration of Arbroath Metal Plaque
Each sign has a hole in each corner for easy fitting, or I use BluTack which works perfectly
Size 30cm x 20cm
Material: Tin

(Figures Available Separately)

Only £15.99 Each

mini-axe1.jpg mini-axe2.jpg mini-axe3.jpg

Only £19.99
Inc UK Delivery

Robert The Bruce Miniature Axe

This is a scale replica of the full sized Robert the Bruce axe and features a real wood shaft and forged axe head. It comes complete with a presentation box and is a great gift for anybody who is passionate about Scottish history.
Length: 22cm
Width: 4.5cm
Depth: 1cm
Weight: 18g

wallace-horseback1.jpg wallace-horseback2.jpg wallace-horseback3.jpg wallace-horseback-boxed1.jpg William Wallace on Horse1.jpg

William Wallace on Horseback Figurine
Made of resin, this large figurine stands an impressive 30 cm tall

Only £39.99
Inc UK Postage

William Wallace on Foot Figurine
Made of resin, this large figurine stands an impressive 18 cm tall

Only £17.99
Inc UK Postage


Lion Rampant Wooden Shield
Size 30cm x 26cm
The shield has a wooden handle attached to the rear which is easily removed to allow using the shield as a decorative backdrop/fixture or wall hanging

Only £11.99 Each
Inc UK Postage

Wood-Shield3.jpg Wood-Shield3.jpg

Only £14.99 Each

Order Design 1

Order Design 2

William Wallace “Freedom Glitter Pin Badge
Size 35mm x 25mm
Material: Metal

Only £4.99

blackstrap.png pinkstrap.png straps1.jpg straps2.jpg

Leather and Metal Adjustable
FREEDOM Wriststrap
Available in Black, Blue or Pink


Only £4.99 Each




Twisted Hilt Scottish Claymore

The Claymore (from the Scottish Gaelic claidheamh-mòr, meaning “great sword”) is a Scottish variant of the late medieval 2 handed sword. It differed from other longswords of the period in that it usually had forward sloping quillons terminating in quatrefoils. Claymores were in use during constant clan warfare and fights with the English from the 15th to 17th century. Claymores did exist as early as the Wars of Scottish Independence although they were smaller and few had the characteristic quatrefoil design. The last time that claymores were seen on the battlefield in any significant number was the Battle of Killiecrankie in 1689. Our Twisted Hilt Scottish Claymore features a hand-forged high carbon steel blade topped with brass hilt fittings and a hand carved real wood grip. This sword has a blunt blade and is designed for display only.

Overall Length: 143cm
Blade Length: 106.5cm
Grip Length: 23cm
Weight: 2294g
Blade thickness (base): 0.5 cm
Blade width (base): 5 cm
Point of Balance (PoB): 19.5 cm
Blade: High Carbon Steel
Edge: Blunt
Pommel: Peened
Scabbard: Not Included

Twisted Hilt Scottish Claymore.jpg Twisted Hilt Scottish Claymore2.jpg

Only £119
Inc UK Courier Delivery

Base Not Included In Price

Twisted Hilt Scottish Claymore3.jpg The Bruce on Horseback1.jpg The Bruce on Horseback2.jpg The-Bruce-on-Horseback3.jpg me1.jpg The-Bruce-on-Horseback-boxe.jpg